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Running Cheetah

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  2nd Grade Kid Friendly Sites

Earth Worm

Earth Worms and Soil



Polar Bear

Polar Bear

The Adventures of

Herman the Worm

Yucky Worm World

Wiggly Worms

Scoop on Soil


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Kidzone: Penguin Facts

Antarctic Collection: Penguin Facts

Sea World:Penguin Facts

National Geographic: Adelie Penguins Link1

Adelie Penguins Link2

National Geographic: Emporer Penguins Link 1

Emporer Penguins Link 2

Nature Works:Polar Bears

Sask Schools:Polar Bears

Bears of the World: Polar Bears

Blue Planet Biome: Polar Bears

Polar Bears: Kid Zone

National Geographic

Polar Bears Link 1

Polar Bears Link 2

Polar Bears Link 3

San Diego Zoo: Polar Bears

Oregon Zoo: Polar Bears

Forces in Motion


What's My Job?

. Simple Machines

January splash

Aesop's Fables Persuasion Organizer

Spelling Connections



Connect Sums

Alien Addition Coin Combo
Sum Stacker