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  3rd Grade Sites

Grand Valley

Grand Valley History

Human Body

Human Body

Solar System


Museum of Western Colorado

Grand Junction: Pictures of the Past

Grand Junction & Appleton School History

Colorado History, Ute Indians (University of Northern Colorado)

Grand Valley Land Forms

Grand Mesa

Yucky, gross, and cool human body

Brain Pop: Health and human body cartoons

Enchanted Learning: Health and human body

Human Body: Kids health

Human Body: Virtual Body

Human Body: emuseum

Human Body: Diagrams

Human Body: Biology 129

Personal Hygiene: Scrub Club

Nutrition Cafe

Nutrition & Food Pyramid

Food & Nutrition:

Kids Astronomy

Space: Enchanted Learning

Space: Frontier Net

Space: Starchild

Space: Spacetoday

Solar System: National Geographic

Solar System: NASA for Kids

Space Games: Nasa for kids

Solar System: Nine Planets and Moons

Space Games: BBC


Space Sites



World Geography



Continents and Oceans: Sheppard software

Continents & Oceans: Lizard Point

More Geography Games: Sheppard Software

More Geography Quizes: Lizard Point

Continent Facts

Dinosaurs: Enchanted Learning

Types of Dinosaurs

Dinosaur Dig: SDNHM

The Dinosauria

Dinosaur Safari: UN Museum



Rock Cycle spellingconnections